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Corporate Awards:

In all of us there lies a characteristic that cultivates a burning desire
to do our best. There is a renowned performance theory that states:

Ability x Motivation = Performance

Besides self-motivation, the driving force behind motivation is recognition.
Knowing that one is appreciated for what he or she does improves a person's
performance far beyond their normal base abilities.

In addition to acting as a motivator for outstanding performance,
recognition also:

  • Expresses appreciation to employees
  • Maintains a happy work force who knows they are appreciated
  • Makes associates feel like they are valued by the organization
  • Creates a good self-image
  • Recruits other good associates to the organization

    We offer a wide variety of award choices from standard walnut plaques, bronze
    sculptures to custom awards. Below are links to vendors we purchase from. Please feel
    free to browse each website to view the variety of corporate award choices we offer.

    Visions Awards
    Visions Awards | Awardcraft | AITG Inc.
    Glass Graphics
    Glass Graphics
    RS Owens
    RS Owens
    Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips (Leather Items)

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